Client Testimonials

Federal Agency

Federal Agency

"We  have done a lot of training...and this is by far some of the best out  there.  The scenarios are real and fast moving - a great training for the real thing."  -  Special Agent

Police Department


"Every time we get a chance, we attend these tac med response trainings to continuously get better."   -  Senior Officer

Office of Emergency Management

Office of Emergency Management

"In reviewing the Emergency Plan for HSTM's client, I informed the client that the plan was a first class document and reflects a considerable amount of effort and thoroughness.  The staff that worked on it should  be proud of their achievement."  -  Director

Major Airport

Chief of Police

"High-Speed Tac Med embraced our worldview that it is not good enough to just  neutralize the active-shooter, but as soon as the shooter is neutralized the mission changes to saving lives of the injured.  I have not had one officer complain or do anything but commend the trainers, role-players, and tactics used by the trainers.  Anyone who has ever worked with police officers knows they are not hesitant to point out deficiencies in training, we have had neither in our dealing with HSTM.  HSTM has been a paradigm shift for our entire department.  I know if an active-shooter scenario happens we will be ready to respond and save as many lives as  possible.  I highly recommend High-Speed Tac Med, LLC and their capable  staff without hesitation."  -  Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety

S&P 500 Company


"HSTM put together Emergency and Medical Response plans, training, and drills for us which were specifically designed for our building, location, and personnel.  The instructor's training was amazing.  After our training and drills, the local Fire Department Risk Assessment Fire Officer came out to review and observe our plans and drills.  His comment was "Our medical and emergency response teams blew him away."  At a corporate community training class he stated that our company was his "poster child" for having well developed and organized plans...I would highly recommend the High-Speed Tac Med team."   - Director

A Major International Company


"HSTM's  instructor was the first to offer us a comprehensive customized safety program and the results have been nothing less than remarkable.  The teams worked together very well through several emergencies including wildfires and water main breaks.  In addition to emergency response, the instructor's coordination and influence also brought us an amazing Medical Response Team. There is never any hesitation in any member's response, which is a testament to their confidence he built in the team.  The instructor coordinates individual training and certifications for First Aid, CPR, AED, and Fire Extinguisher use on a regular basis.  I have no hesitation in recommending High-Speed Tac Med for future projects."   -  Executive Assistant to CTO